Monday, January 10, 2011

Catalog Tutorial: Place Hold

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Hello, in this video, I am going to demo how to use the Library Catalog to place a hold.
I can only place a hold on books that are currently checked out. For books that are available, I’ll have to find them on the shelf myself.

Let’s search for the novel Private Wars. Click on “Go”. 74 results. That’s too many to look through. I’ll
search by title instead. Looks like we only have one book by that title, so it jumps directly to the detailed record. The record shows that it is checked out and was due on Jan. 4.

[Place Hold]
So I am going to “Place a Hold” on it. The “Place Hold” link only appears for items that checked out. To place a hold, I need to “Log In to my account”. To set up your login and password, simply go to the library front desk with your CBC ID card.

[Log in to my account]
Once I login, the confirm holds screen comes up. I’ll leave the pickup location as Pasco, unless I want to pick it up at the “Health Sciences Library”. Click on “Place Hold” to confirm and the hold appears in “my summary” in my account. I can cancel the hold if I no longer need it.

Now I want to double check “my personal details” to see the email address is the right one. That way, I can be sure that I’ll be notified at my current email address when the book is ready for me to pick up.

This concludes the “Place Hold” demo. Thanks for watching.


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