Thursday, January 13, 2011

Catalog Tutorial: My Account

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Hello, in this video, I am going to demo the My Account features of
the new CBC Library Catalog.

[Log In]
I can login from the catalog homepage on the right or use the link at the top right corner. I’ll login with my
demo account. Visit the Circulation Desk with your ID card to set up your initial login and password.

[Overdue Notice; My Fines]
Once logged in, I see a note highlighted in yellow saying that “Since I have fines, I cannot renew my books online.” I can also see that I have checked out 4 items, of which 2 are overdue and highlighted in pink. The Fines column in the table is not working, so in order to see the exact amount of fines, I have to click on the My fines tab on the left. I owe $1.35. So I am just going to log out, return those two books and go to the library to pay my fines.

[Renew Books]
Now I logged back in and the overdue notice disappeared. There are only two books on my account and a new column “called “renew” appeared. I can renew the first book by clicking on the “Renew” link, but not the second one because I already renewed it once. I’ll click on “Renew”. The original due date of “American Indian women” was 1/21. Now the book is due on 1/27/2011, which is two weeks from today 1/13. So if I wanted to keep the book longer, I could have waited closer to the first due date to renew it.

Now I’ll click on the “Holds” tab at the top. I can see that I placed a hold on the book “Private wars” and the status is still “pending.”

[Personal Details]
I can look at “My personal Details” and if I have a new telephone number, a new email, or have a new address, I can contact the library to update my record.

[Change Password]
It is also a very good idea to change your password periodically. In case you ever forget your password, you can visit the library Circulation. The library staff cannot tell you what your current password is because they cannot see it, but they can reset the password for you.

[Purchase suggestions][Note: These suggestions are handled as part of the routine acquisitions process. If you have a time-sensitive research need please contact CBC Library Reference at 509-542-4890 or]
I can also make purchase suggestions if I heard about a book that I would like to read but I didn’t find it in the library catalog, so I will make a “New purchase suggestion”. Let me delete the test suggestion. And then create a new purchase suggestion. Suppose I found the details of the book on “” and copied them over to the form. It is good to note why you need the book, especially for specific classes. That way it is better for the librarian to decide whether to buy it or not.
Then, I’ll submit my suggestion. The status says it is Requested. Once it’s reviewed by a librarian, I will see the status change to either “declined” or “accepted” [and I will receive email notices]. If accepted, the book will be ordered and I‘ll be notified by email when the book arrives.

[My messaging]
I can also manage my messages. I can set the “Advance Notice” to receive an email 1 day before the item is due, so I can log into and renew before I get any fine or return them if I find out I cannot renew them online for some reason.

I can also create lists. You first search for a book and then add to your list. I have a private list with 3 books. If I edit the list and make it public, then everybody can see it.

This concludes the “My account” demo. Thank you for watching.


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