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Login to Proquest to construct this search: pakistan - over 35900 full text articles; note that this search is limited to the keyword 'pakistan' as 'Location' rather than subject. As above, add topic keywords to other search lines to narrow: Login to Proquest to construct this search: GEO(pakistan) AND (school* or education)
CBC Library Catalog - su:pakistan or ti:pakistan
Ebrary - subject search pakistan - 12 ebooks
Country Profile: Pakistan Facts on File World News Digest. Includes many links to articles as well as facts and history. Long, Roger D. "Search for this in Oxford Reference: Pakistan" Oxford Encyclopedia of Modern World. Ed Peter N. Stearns. Oxford UP, 2008.
Articles on Pakistan (primarily background) from 4 encyclopedias in the History & Culture subcollection of Gale Virtual Reference, including an 18 page article from the Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations 11th ed. Detroit: Gale, 2004.
Clemmitt, Marcia. "US-Pakistan relations: Is the rocky alliance worth saving?" CQ Researcher 5 Aug. 2011.
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