Friday, June 15, 2012

Alcohol Abuse

Price, Tom. "Alcohol Abuse: Can underage drinking be curbed?" CQ Researcher 8 June 2012. Americans are abusing alcohol less than in the past with one exception: college students, who drink more and binge drink more often than nonstudents of similar age. And alcohol continues to extract a high toll from those who abuse it at any age, killing 80,000 Americans a year and draining more than $220 billion from the economy. Although high school students drink and binge less, bingeing accounts for 90 percent of the alcohol consumed by teens who drink. Health experts also worry about the effects of new products, especially flavored alcoholic drinks, which seem to encourage young women and girls to drink and drink more. To combat alcohol abuse, many educational institutions, community organizations and government agencies are stepping up efforts to promote abstinence among the young and responsible drinking by adults who do imbibe. From the CQ Researcher. Reprinted with permission from CQ Press.

Books: We added several books recently on alcohol abuse, including Getting wasted : why college students drink too much and party so hard by Thomas Vander Ven (click linked title to check availability).

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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