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CS 101 - Computers in Society

Additional Current Topic Source: All Tech Considered:NPR

Topic Suggestions - CQ Researcher

Big Data and Privacy - Should the use of personal information be restricted?
Blog Explosion
Combating Plagiarism - Is the Internet causing more students to copy?
Computer Hacking
Computers and Medicine
Controlling the Internet
Cybersecurity February 26, 2010 - Are U.S. military and civilian computer systems safe?
Cybersecurity September 26, 2003 - How vulnerable is the U.S. to cyberwarfare?
Cyber Socializing - Are Internet sites like MySpace potentially dangerous? (2006)
Distance Learning
Distracted Driving - Should driver texting and cellphone use be banned?
Future of Journalism - Can the Internet fill the reporting gaps caused by the decline of newspapers?
Google's Dominance
Government Surveillance
Identity Theft
Impact of the Internet on Thinking
Improving Cybersecurity
Internet Accuracy - Is information on the Web reliable?
Internet Regulation - Are stiffer rules needed to protect web content?
Internet Shopping - Should states require online retailers to collect sales taxes?
Libraries and the Internet - Are filters needed to block pornography?
Online Privacy - do Americans need better protection?
Privacy in Peril
Future of Recycling (e-waste)
Regulating the New Economy (digital economy)
Social Media and Politics - Do Facebook and Twitter influence voters?
Social Networking - Are online social networks eroding privacy? (Sept. 2010)
Television's Future (broadcast vs. podcast)
Video Games - Do they have educational value?
Voting Controversies (electronic voting machines)

Global Issues In Context - Portal Pages
Identity Theft
Internet Control and Security
Virtual Currencies

Other resources:
Books in ebrary

FOLDOC free on-line dictionary of computing

Search for this in Oxford Reference or browse Mathematics & Computing titles

Sample Search for Books
"su:Computer OR su:Technology AND su:social" - 203 results as of 5/21/2013
su:Computers and civilization”  - 47 results as of 5/21/2013

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Modern Middle East - History, Biography, Area Studies


A prophet from amongst you: The life of Yigael Yadin : soldier, scholar, and mythmaker of modern Israel, by Silberman, Neil Asher

World I Loved : The Story of an Arab Woman  
Cortas, Wadad Makdisi  

Next Founders : Voices of Democracy in the Middle East
Muravchik, Joshua

Ariel Sharon : An Intimate Portrait
Dan, Uri

Man Who Pushed America to War : The Extraordinary Life, Adventures, and Obsessions of Ahmad Chalabi
Roston, Aram

Reading Lolita in Tehran : A memoir in books
Nafisi, Azar

Son of the Cypresses : Memories, Reflections, and Regrets from a Political Life
Benvenisti, Meron

Israel's Years of Bogus Grandeur : From the Six-Day War to the First Intifada
Rejwan, Nissim

Print Books (click link to check status in CBC Library's Catalog):

Arafat : From defender to dictator
Aburish, Saïd K .
CBC Library, Pasco Main Collection  - DS119.7 .A68A28 1998

Mango, Andrew
CBC Library, Pasco - On Order

The Ayatollah begs to differ : The paradox of modern Iran
Majd, Hooman
CBC Library, Pasco Main Collection - DS318.9 .M35 2008

The Gulf states : A modern history
Commins, David Dean
CBC Library, Pasco Main Collection - DS247 .A135C66 2012

House of stone : A memoir of home, family, and a lost Middle East
Shadid, Anthony
CBC Library, Pasco Main Collection - HQ663.9 .S53 2012

Lipstick Jihad : A memoir of growing up Iranian in American and American in Iran
Moaveni, Azadeh
CBC Library, Pasco Main Collection - E184 .I5M63 2006

Man of defiance : A political biography of Anwar Sadat
Israeli, Raphael
CBC Library, Pasco Main Collection - DT107.828 .S23I84 1985

Mayada, daughter of Iraq : One woman's survival under Saddam Hussein
Sasson, Jean P.
CBC Library, Pasco - HQ1735.Z75A56 2004

Nutting, Anthony
CBC Library, Pasco Main Collection - DT107.83 .N79 1972b

The Oil kings : How the U.S., Iran, and Saudi Arabia changed the balance of power in the Middle East,  Cooper, Andrew Scott
CBC Library, Pasco - E183.8 .I55C66 2011

Patriot of Persia : Muhammad Mossadegh and a tragic Anglo-American coup
De Bellaigue, Christopher
CBC Library, Pasco - DS318.6 .D42 2012

The Prince : The secret story of the world's most intriguing royal, prince Bandar bin Sultan
Simpson, William
CBC Library, Pasco Main Collection - DS244.526 .B55S56 2006

The Process : 1,100 days that changed the Middle East
Savir, Uri
CBC Library, Pasco - DS119.76 .S78 1999

Reading Lolita in Tehran : A memoir in books
Nafisi, Azar
CBC Library, Pasco Main Collection - HQ1746.5 .N34 2004

The Shah
Milani, Abbas
CBC Library, Pasco - DS318 .M494 2011

Things I've been silent about : Memories
Nafisi, Azar
CBC Library, Pasco Main Collection - HQ1746.5 .N345 2008

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Introduction to Theatre


To determine which actors have won awards, here are the official databases from the associations:
Academy Awards Database
Emmy Awards Database
Tony Awards Database

The CBC Library does not routinely purchase book length biographies of actors; these may be found in the public libraries. Numerous biography reference articles may be found in print at the CBC Library, as well as in some of our online databases such as the ebrary title, New Biographical Dictionary of Film by David Thomson (Knopf, 2004), and the Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Also try searching ebrary by keyword (name) or using a subject search such as Motion picture* AND Biography.
ProQuest holds many newspaper and magazine articles on actors; you may find you get better results by changing the search to 'person' and either searching last name first or using the 'look up' feature.

Stage Directors

On Reference Reserve for Drama
  • From Belasco to Brook : representative directors of the English-speaking stage / Samuel L. Leiter.
    PN2597 .L45 1991
  • From Stanislavsky to Barrault : representative directors of the European stage / Samuel L. Leiter.
    PN2570 .L45 1991
  • Great stage directors : 100 distinguished careers of the theater / Samuel L. Leiter
    PN2205 .L44 1994
  • Fifty key theatre directors / edited by Shomit Mitter and Maria Shevtsova
    PN2053 .F54 2005
  • Theatrical directors : a biographical dictionary / edited by John W. Frick & Stephen M. Vallillo.
    PN2205 .T54 1994
Online - our Oxford Reference Online database holds several useful titles, including the Search for this in Oxford Reference: Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance; try searching it together with the other Search for this in Oxford Reference: Performing Arts titles.

Playwrights - The CBC Library's general biography resources mentioned above will also be useful for information about playwrights. In addition, playwrights are literary authors and are covered in literature reference sources. One database that we offer that contains many playwrights is ProQuest Learning: Literature.  We also have substantial print reference in literature; for instance, you will find reference articles about Tennessee Williams in:
  • American National Biography, volume 23 - Reference CT213 .A68 1999
  • Dictionary of Literary Biography, volume 7 part 2 - Reference PN451 .D52 1981
  • Critical Survey of Drama, volume 5 - Reference PR623 .C75 1985
These are just a few of the titles from our print reference collection (consult a reference librarian for more), but you may also find the Search for this in Oxford Reference: Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature and Search for this in Oxford Reference: Oxford Encyclopedia of British Literature useful, searched simultaneously with the Literature titles in Oxford Reference Online. Many of the playwrights listed are included in books in our Main collection - their writings, and scholarly analysis of their lives and writings; try a keyword or subject search of our Library Catalog. Articles may be found in EBSCOhost.  

The Richland Public Library includes the Biography Resource Center and the Literature Resource Center among their databases; the first may be useful for all three assignments, the last for the playwright presentation. All CBC Students may gain access, and even non-residents will have the fee waived if they show proof that they are a current student.

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