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pakistan [Subject Terms] - over 4200 full text articles

Add terms to second search line to focus on subtopics - for instance:
Login to Proquest to construct this search: pakistan - over 35900 full text articles; note that this search is limited to the keyword 'pakistan' as 'Location' rather than subject. As above, add topic keywords to other search lines to narrow: Login to Proquest to construct this search: GEO(pakistan) AND (school* or education)
CBC Library Catalog - su:pakistan or ti:pakistan
Ebrary - subject search pakistan - 12 ebooks
Country Profile: Pakistan Facts on File World News Digest. Includes many links to articles as well as facts and history. Long, Roger D. "Search for this in Oxford Reference: Pakistan" Oxford Encyclopedia of Modern World. Ed Peter N. Stearns. Oxford UP, 2008.
Articles on Pakistan (primarily background) from 4 encyclopedias in the History & Culture subcollection of Gale Virtual Reference, including an 18 page article from the Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations 11th ed. Detroit: Gale, 2004.
Clemmitt, Marcia. "US-Pakistan relations: Is the rocky alliance worth saving?" CQ Researcher 5 Aug. 2011.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scheduling Research Projects

When you are just starting out, a research assignment may seem overwhelming. It can be helpful to break your projects into smaller tasks and lay them out on your calendar. While each project is different, here are some typical tasks you may wish to include:

Evaluating Sources

Having found a bunch of information sources you need to select those that best meet your needs. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you scan your results:

Understanding Your Assignment

In order to develop an effective research strategy you need a solid understanding of your assignment. If your instructor tells the class that you will be given the research assignment on a day you know you will be absent, ask to meet with them so you can get it in advance. Ask questions, take notes, and be sure to have all this with you when you do your research. Here are some questions you can ask yourself (or your instructor!), along with some examples of how these factors might influence your research strategy:

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mental Health in America

Mental Health America. May is Mental Health Month - "created more than 50 years ago to raise awareness about mental health conditions and the importance of mental wellness for all."
Mantel, Barbara. "Mental Health Policy: Can access to mental health services be improved?." CQ Researcher 10 May 2013. An estimated 58 million American adults, or one in four, suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. Eleven million live with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or major depression. Yet it can take years for some individuals to see a mental health professional.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gay Marriage


EBSCOhost Subject Search: same-sex marriage OR (gay rights AND marriage) - 2900+ full text articles

ProQuest Subject Search: Login to Proquest to construct this search: (same sex marriage) OR (gay* and marriage) - over 6900 full text articles

"States Debate Marriage Rights (Research Feature)." June 2009. Facts On File World News Digest - issue summary with links to key news events and other features.

Gay Marriage Showdowns: Will voters bar marriage for same-sex couples? CQ Researcher 29 May 2012.


Catalog - search su:Same-sex marriage or su:gay couples or gay marriage

Sullivan, Andrew. Same-Sex Marriage : Pro and Con. Knopf: 2004.

Alderson, Kevin and Kathleen Lahey. Same-Sex Marriage : The Personal and the Political. Insomniac Press : 2004

Reference Article:

"Defense of Marriage Acts." National Survey of State Laws. Ed. Richard Leiter. 6th ed. Detroit: Gale, 2008.


State By State: The Legal Battle Over Gay Marriage. 16 Apr. 2009.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Psychology Articles - Peer-Reviewed?

Distinguishing a psychology magazine article from a peer-reviewed psychology article

This is an example of an article from a magazine:

Ayan, Steve. "Laughing Matters." Scientific American Mind Apr. 2009: 24-31. Academic Search Premier. Web. 20 May 2009 .

The author cites several studies and famous anecdotes to demonstrate the positive effects of humor on mental health, but does not report on his own original research. The magazine is intended for the educated, interested member of the general public; you don’t have to be a psychology student/professor/professional to appreciate it.

Here is a peer-reviewed article on a similar subject:

Ventis, W. Larry, Garrett Higbee, and Susan A. Murdock. "Using Humor In Systematic Desensitization To Reduce Fear." Journal Of General Psychology 128.2 (2001): 241-253. Academic Search Premier. Web. 23 Oct. 2012. ABSTRACT. Effectiveness of systematic desensitization for fear reduction, using humorous hierarchy scenes without relaxation, was tested. Participants were 40 students highly fearful of spiders. Using a 24-item behavioral approach test with an American tarantula, participants were matched on fear level and randomly assigned to 1 of 3 treatment groups: (a) systematic desensitization, (b) humor desensitization, and (c) untreated controls. Each participant was seen for 6 sessions, including pretest and posttest. Analyses of covariance of posttest scores revealed that the 2 treatment groups showed greater reduction in fear than the controls on 3 measures but did not differ from each other. Therefore, humor in systematic desensitization reduced fear as effectively as more traditional desensitization. This finding may have therapeutic applications; however, it may also be applicable in advertising to desensitize fear of a dangerous product, such as cigarettes. Key words: advertising, behavior therapy, fear, humor [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

Here are several ways to distinguish it from a non-peer-reviewed article (not all will appear in absolutely every instance, but these are common):
  • Multiple authors.
  • Long (13 pages)
  • Abstract written by the authors.
  • Abstract includes indicator words “tested...participants...analyses..showed..this finding...” All of these tell you that this is a report on original research.
  • If you open the article it has sections for methods, results, discussion, and references.
  • At the beginning it notes the authors affiliations with educational institutions.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

GED Resources

Short URL of this page:

Handout: Top 10 Things GED Students Should Know About the Library

  • Search the CBC Library Catalog with the keyword “GED” to find relevant books. View results
  • You can also browse the LOC/GED books on the Reserve Reference shelf near the reference desk.
  • GED books from the Mid-Columbia Library (38 items as of 5/2011)

Online Library Reference Databases
(You don't need a password to use these on CBC campus, but you can login from home with the quarterly library password)
Oxford English Dictionary (OED)
Oxford Reference Online
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
Daily Life Online Essays about the domestic, economic, religious, and other aspects of people's daily lives, ancient to modern.
CultureGrams Concise, readable information about countries and cultures.

Online Test Prep
1. Free online practice tests from Mid-Columbia Library
  • Go to their Electronic Resources page;
  • Scroll down to the end of the page and click on Learning Express Library;
  • Click on "New User" to register for free;
  • The Username should be your 14-digit mid-columbia library ID card number;
  • Make up a Password for yourself;
  • Once logged in, click on GED tests to practice
2. Free online practice tests from Steck-Vaughn Adult Education. It has practice tests with immediate feedback.
3. GED Practice Tests from (Scroll down until you see the list of "Self-Assessment Modules".)

Taking the Test at CBC
  1. Pay the testing fee at the Cashier's office ($150 as of Oct. 2012)
  2. Make an appointment for an orientation at the Assessment Center in the HUB near Admission/Registration. Phone: 509-542-4860
  3. Take the orientation and set the testing date
  4. Take the test
General Info on the Web
More GED Online Resources
(Based on list provided by the CBC ABE/GED department from the orientation packet, links updated Feb. 2010)
English, Sentence Skills, Reading
Other Useful webpages:
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Drama - Finding Plays at the CBC Library

1. Select titles are held in the Reserve Reference Shelf (behind the Reference Desk)
List of Plays on Reserve (1 week check-out; click on the titles to find out the call numbers.)

2. Most drama is found with other forms of literature in the Main Collection. Use the map and guide below to assist you. Hint - individual plays are small books.

ML48-ML50librettos – script only, no music43
PN6112-PN6120 miscellaneous drama collections55
PR1241-PR1273English drama collections58
PR2411-PR3195English literature 1500-164058-59
Christopher Marlowe
William Shakespeare
PR3291-PR3785English literature 1640-177059-60
PR3991-PR5990English literature 1770-190060-61
PR6000-PR6049English literature 1900-196061-62
PR6003 .E282
Samuel Beckett
PR6005 .O85
Noel Coward
PR6050-PR6076English literature 1961- 62-63
PR6051 .Y35
Alan Ayckbourn
PR6069 .T6
Tom Stoppard
PS627-PS634American drama collections64
PS991-PS3369American literature 19th century65-66
PS3500-PS3549American literature 1900-196066-70
PS3525 .I5156
Arthur Miller
PS3537 .I663
Neil Simon
PS3545 .I5365
Tennessee Williams
PS3550-PS3576American literature 1961- 70-72
PS3557 .U82
A.R. Gurney
PS3563 .A323
Terence McNally
PS3563 .A4345
David Mamet
PS3564 .O623
Marsha Norman
PS3569 .H394
Sam Shepard
PS3573 .A798
Wendy Wasserstein
PS3573 .I45677
August Wilson
PQ1222-PQ1240French drama56
PT1258-PT1266German drama72

Searching - Perform a keyword search on the catalog using the word “playscript.” All titles you find with this search contain scripts. To search for an individual play, add keywords from the title, as 'playscript death of a salesman.' To search for works by a playwright, add keywords from their name: 'playscript marsha norman.' Hint - Don't perform an AUTHOR or TITLE search - you will miss the many plays we hold in collections. For example, the keyword search 'playscript death of a salesman' locates 9 copies of the play in collections. 
Our ebrary database also includes many ebooks on the topic, including play collections.  These may be read off-campus, either online or by downloading to compatible e-readers, and substantial portions (scenes, monologues) may be printed.  Instead of using the 'cbchawk' password for remote access it will prompt you for your student ID number so it can create an individual account for you.