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GED Resources

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Handout: Top 10 Things GED Students Should Know About the Library

  • Search the CBC Library Catalog with the keyword “GED” to find relevant books. View results
  • You can also browse the LOC/GED books on the Reserve Reference shelf near the reference desk.
  • GED books from the Mid-Columbia Library (38 items as of 5/2011)

Online Library Reference Databases
(You don't need a password to use these on CBC campus, but you can login from home with the quarterly library password)
Oxford English Dictionary (OED)
Oxford Reference Online
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
Daily Life Online Essays about the domestic, economic, religious, and other aspects of people's daily lives, ancient to modern.
CultureGrams Concise, readable information about countries and cultures.

Online Test Prep
1. Free online practice tests from Mid-Columbia Library
  • Go to their Electronic Resources page;
  • Scroll down to the end of the page and click on Learning Express Library;
  • Click on "New User" to register for free;
  • The Username should be your 14-digit mid-columbia library ID card number;
  • Make up a Password for yourself;
  • Once logged in, click on GED tests to practice
2. Free online practice tests from Steck-Vaughn Adult Education. It has practice tests with immediate feedback.
3. GED Practice Tests from (Scroll down until you see the list of "Self-Assessment Modules".)

Taking the Test at CBC
  1. Pay the testing fee at the Cashier's office ($150 as of Oct. 2012)
  2. Make an appointment for an orientation at the Assessment Center in the HUB near Admission/Registration. Phone: 509-542-4860
  3. Take the orientation and set the testing date
  4. Take the test
General Info on the Web
More GED Online Resources
(Based on list provided by the CBC ABE/GED department from the orientation packet, links updated Feb. 2010)
English, Sentence Skills, Reading
Other Useful webpages:
updated by y.y. 4/2014


    “Salman Khan (Sal) who founded the Khan Academy received his MBA from Harvard Business School. He also holds a Masters in electrical engineering and computer science, a BS in electrical engineering and computer science, and a BS in mathematics from the MIT” This site is unique because Sal uses videos and a blackboard to teach his lessons so that you can see exactly what he’s teaching and he can explain every step in detail.
    This link really helps me understand beginning Geometry. I refer to it while doing homework. I really hope the site is useful. Seals


    The website is very helpful when it comes to helping you understand certain mathematic problems. It helps with fractions, decimals, and even percentages. It basically broke it down step for step to help me solve the problems. For G.E.D students it is very helpful to go on this website and brush up your math skills to help you get ready to take you G.E.D math test. It is very helpful and I would definitely recommend this website to others who need help understanding math problems and getting ready to take their test. It is an awesome website. L.C.

    I happened to like this link because it explains things pretty well so you can understand, the information seems to be accurate and you get to practice and take a quiz at every unit. I used the hot subjects section and I loved it! It is like having a tutor right there with you. I would give it about a 9 – 10. AC.

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