Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CS 101 - Computers in Society

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Topic Suggestions - CQ Researcher

Big Data and Privacy - Should the use of personal information be restricted?
Blog Explosion
Combating Plagiarism - Is the Internet causing more students to copy?
Computer Hacking
Computers and Medicine
Controlling the Internet
Cybersecurity February 26, 2010 - Are U.S. military and civilian computer systems safe?
Cybersecurity September 26, 2003 - How vulnerable is the U.S. to cyberwarfare?
Cyber Socializing - Are Internet sites like MySpace potentially dangerous? (2006)
Distance Learning
Distracted Driving - Should driver texting and cellphone use be banned?
Future of Journalism - Can the Internet fill the reporting gaps caused by the decline of newspapers?
Google's Dominance
Government Surveillance
Identity Theft
Impact of the Internet on Thinking
Improving Cybersecurity
Internet Accuracy - Is information on the Web reliable?
Internet Regulation - Are stiffer rules needed to protect web content?
Internet Shopping - Should states require online retailers to collect sales taxes?
Libraries and the Internet - Are filters needed to block pornography?
Online Privacy - do Americans need better protection?
Privacy in Peril
Future of Recycling (e-waste)
Regulating the New Economy (digital economy)
Social Media and Politics - Do Facebook and Twitter influence voters?
Social Networking - Are online social networks eroding privacy? (Sept. 2010)
Television's Future (broadcast vs. podcast)
Video Games - Do they have educational value?
Voting Controversies (electronic voting machines)

Global Issues In Context - Portal Pages
Identity Theft
Internet Control and Security
Virtual Currencies

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