Friday, January 18, 2013


The Movie
Frost/Nixon(IMDB Record)
The Frost/Nixon Interviews Site

Gale Virtual Reference
"Richard Nixon"
"Cambodia Bombing"
"Khmer Rouge"
(Note: Try searching Gale Virtual Reference Library with different keywords to find more results.)

CBC Library Catalog searches:
(Nixon AND Richard AND Milhous AND 1913) [in Subject]

ebrary Books:
Richard M. Nixon : A Life in Full
America's Uncivil Wars : The Sixties Era from Elvis to the Fall of Richard Nixon 

CQ Researcher
Legacy of the Vietnam War: Did the war erode Americans' trust in government?

EBSCO Sample Search:
SU "VIETNAM War, 1961-1975" and SU "protest*" (searched these terms as subjects)

The Nixon Era Times: official publication of the Nixon Era Center at Mountain State University

The World According to Frost. David Frost interviewed by Mark Corcoran of ABC News, 17/02/2009


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