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Types of Periodicals

Types of Periodicals
Finding More Information about a Specific Periodical/Source Title
Example 1:
  • If the title is available through EBSCO, look at the publication page. Psychology & health (You will see that this is a peer-reviewed academic journal published bimonthly by a UK publisher.)
  • To find more information about the title, you can click on the "Publisher URL" link or search the internet and find the homepage of this title. (You may find out that actually this journal is published 12 times a year now. EBSCO's record reflects the journal's old frequency. It is the Official Journal of the European Health Psychology Society and is indexed in Medline. You can also find more about the aim & scope as well as its peer-review policies.)
Example 2:
  • Another example is Psychology & Marketing. You can find this title using CBC Journal Finder.
    • Clicking the link to the database name "ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry" will lead you to the "Publication Information" page of this journal in ProQuest.
  • Click on "show all" and then the publisher "website" URL to go to the journal homepage, where you can find the "About this Journal" section on the lower left side menu.
  • Click on the "Overview" link and you will find the Aims & Scope, etc. of this title.

For more information:
  • IRIS Tutorial: Types of Periodicals (A tutorial for W.A. Community College students.)
  • Minute Module: What's A Journal?
    This is a two-minute tutorial created by the Pennsylvania State University library which "explains the fundamental differences between journal, magazines, and newspapers, including what's being written and who's writing it." Click on the above link to go to PSU library's web page and double-click on "What's A Journal" to start the module.

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